Saturday, Oct. 15      All day-ish?

Details pending…..

Referee:  Rick Way


Sunday, Oct. 9      11:30am – 6:30 pm

Play 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons in episodic games as part of an ongoing campaign in Organized Play sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. This group has different level games at the same time.

New players please contact the event organizer: mister.zombie@gmail.com

                         This is new MONTHLY event titled 2nd Saturday Adventurer’s League,                                          even though the first one is on a Sunday.  Deal with it.


Saturday, Oct. 8         Noon – 5pm

Exposed is a quick 2-6 player game in which you’re a thief who has snuck into a boat party with the aim of stealing as many wallets as you can without anyone exposing who you are. If you steal enough wallets or you’re the last player left unexposed, you win!

The playing space is a grid of tiles depicting the guests at the party, such as a fireman, physicist, or accountant. You’re one of these guests, but no one knows which one is you. Each guest has a wallet, which you can steal from them if you are adjacent. Each move you make gives away information about who you are, so you have to decide how aggressive or sneaky you want to be so that your identity can remain hidden while getting as many wallets as you can.

D&D Dice Masters Strahd Rainbow Draft

Saturday, Oct. 8         Noon – 6ish?

                                       Unravel the mysteries of Castle Ravenloft with the Dungeons and Dragons                   Dice Masters: Strahd Rainbow Draft event!

           WizKids is happy to announce the Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Strahd Rainbow Draft,                  an Organized Play event available to top stores. Players will have an opportunity to Rainbow Draft and have a shot at winning limited edition alternate art cards! Just for participating, everyone will receive a Strahd: Master of Ravenloft card and die for use in Dice Masters!