SATURDAY NOV. 10     10 am – 5 pm    {Charity donation admission, see below}

                                          Join us for several hours of FUN during this hectic season.                                                                              Play some new games and add them to your List for giving or getting.                                          There will be door prizes, too!

                                                                       THERE IS AN ENTRY “FEE” :                                                                 a donation to the Lussier Community Education Center

See their wish list at:


SUNDAY, Nov. 27      Noon – 5 pm

Check out the expansions for this mashup of 2 pop culture icons:

Munchkin and the Marvel Universe.

We believe that there will be promo cards!


  6 – 10 am  ONLY       Friday, Nov 25

                                         Our version of the DOORBUSTER SALE is our annual                                                       WE’RE – OPEN – SO – EARLY – WE’RE – STILL – IN – OUR – PAJAMAS SALE!

Yes, we WILL be wearing our pajamas!  And if YOU wear YOUR pajamas, you will get 25% OFF your entire purchase (excluding consignment items like single Magic cards).
[Note we said “pajamas”, NOT what you do (or don’t) sleep in.]

Sale only lasts until our usual opening time of 10 am.


THURSDAY, Nov. 24    All Day

We hope you can enjoy the holiday with loved ones and some great games!


SATURDAY Nov. 19       9 am

The Apoc Luck is a great day of gaming and a day to enjoy great food, hence the name. With the exception of the finale, participants are required to bring a food item. Most participants post* what they plan to bring making it easier for other participants to plan their food/drink items. Snacking is done throughout the event and lunch is typically taken at the first break.

This years theme is Kastorel Novem.  It will be an Apocalypse Escalation starting at 5000pts + 1 Super Heavy in September. The point limits will increase throughout the season.

All armies are welcome. For theme of the campaign I’m encouraging Imperial and Ork participation. Again, all armies are welcome. Please read the Apoc Luck event details and house rules. I’ve included a New House Rules section for those that are familiar with the events.

* post to


FRIDAY, Nov 18   6 pm

The entire Star Wars saga is open for you to explore and experience in the fast-paced, epic battles of Star Wars: Destiny. Now, you can choose a team of unique, famous characters from across the Star Wars universe and battle your opponent with large, full-color, premium dice, a deck of cards, and your characters’ unique, defining abilities. (For more information on how our premium dice are made and how they’re different than other dice, click here!) The last player with characters left standing wins the game!

With an array of characters that spans the saga from The Phantom Menace to The Force Awakens, Star Wars: Destiny gives you freedom to play out any battle you can imagine. Innovative gameplay blends dice and cards as you strategize exactly how to defeat your opponent’s characters. Finally, the game’s collectible model invites you to enter the game at whatever pace you choose, tweaking your decks with the addition of new cards and dice from booster packs.

Demo the game and receive an exclusive, extended-art promo card.