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NPR: Scientists Say Child’s Play Helps Build A Better Brain

When it comes to brain development, time in the classroom may be less important than time on the playground.

“The experience of play changes the connections of the neurons at the front end of your brain,” says Sergio Pellis, a researcher at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. “And without play experience, those neurons aren’t changed,” he says…

Read more at NPR: Scientists Say Child’s Play Helps Build A Better Brain.

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NPR: Why Adults Need to Play

More and more research suggests that healthy playtime leads to healthy adulthood.

Childhood play is essential for brain development. As we’ve reported this week, time on the playground may be more important than time in the classroom.

But playtime doesn’t end when we grow up. Adults need recess too…

Read more at NPR: Play Doesn’t End With Childhood: Why Adults Need Recess Too.

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NPR: Childhood Competition, Good and Bad

It’s a playful word that’s developed something of a bad reputation: “competition.” The fear among some parents is that, once children start playing to win, at around 5 years old, losing isn’t just hard. It’s devastating.

To explain what competition means to the average 5-year-old, I’m going to invoke an adult known for his ferocity on the playing field, a titan of competition: Vince Lombardi. The football legend and former coach of the Green Bay Packers didn’t just win the Super Bowl; he won the first Super Bowl. And then he won the second one…

Read more at NPR: When Kids Start Playing to Win.

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