February Store Events

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February already?! time flies when you’re having fun and speaking of, here’s this month’s event calendar!

Tomorrow and Sunday Murders at Karlov Manor Prerelease kick off! along with that we are still looking to try to have standard showdowns each Sunday. If you’ve been looking to try out the newest standard legal cards come on in. FNMs are Draft and every Thursday is open play (plenty of commander)

Pokemon has their League Cup the 10th, so the room will be reserved for it that day. Early registration kicks off as we’re already getting requests to sign up. spots are limited so please make sure to get in when you can

Smash bros Mondays are still goin strong, if you feel like flexing in ultimate come on in and check the local scene.

FaB’s first prerelease event at our store was a success! we hope next time to be able to get even more prerelease kits and either allow for more players or run a second event if there is enough interest. For more FaB action join us each week on Tuesdays

Speaking of Tuesdays, looking for a new pathfinder group? or maybe just looking for a space to play with your current sessions? Join us every other Tuesday for pathfinder!

DnD more your style? Adventurers League happens every Wednesday at the shop

Lorcana ch 3 Inklands comes early to our store on the 23rd and we’re looking into another release celebration event like last time. Did you all like the sealed event we ran previously or is there something else you would like? let us know!

CFV players get back to back sneak peak events, with this Saturday being part 2! this time it’s the set that we should have had a month ago, Flight of Chakrabarthi. We thank you all for your patience waiting for this kit to finally come in.

As usual, if you are looking to get an event on our schedule please feel free to reach out to one of our staff !

Have a great day!

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