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Pegasus Games store front

How we got here

Pegasus Games‘s first day of business was August 30, 1980.

Pegasus was started in a converted house just off State Street in downtown Madison by 3 friends: Terry Aitken, Mark Anderson, and Mike Lingner, with an assist from Lory Aitken and Jon Jones. By the end of 1980, Mike decided it was just no fun being part-owner in a store almost 200 miles from his home, and he sold his third to Lory and Jon.

After 4 years we had moved onto State St. proper and, with a few more moves, stayed downtown for a total of 22 years. In 1991, we opened a second store on Madison’s west side, in the Market Square Shopping Center on Odana Road. The downtown location closed in 2002 due mostly to changes in gaming habits among college students, who made up the largest portion of our customer base.┬áThe west side location has thrived, expanding into an adjacent storefront to provide space for PLAYING games, and is full to capacity most evenings and weekends.

A story appeared in the Wisconsin state Journal on the occasion of our 30th anniversary.

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