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We were the inspiration for Pegasaurus Games of Dork Tower “fame.”  John Kovalic was a regular customer in his college days.  We believe that Pegasus Games made an appearance in a cartoon he did for the campus newspaper, but the earliest one we have on file is from 12/22/1987 when John worked for the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison.

The text goes as follows:

Carson the Muskrat:  You know, standing in line for the cash register, haven’t we missed the point of Christmas? … Where did we go wrong?  … Christmas is about PEACE, about LOVE.  How lost have we become?

Lady in line: My…That’s really…really…

Pegasus Clerk:  Hi.

Carson:  Have you got “Death Commando Nazi Squad:  The Game?”

WHEREUPON, of course, we devised the first ONE-PAGE PEGA-GAME:  Death Commando Nazi Squad, featuring Carson the Muskrat, Hanley  the … um …possum(?), and Santa as the Good Guys; and 2 Nazi counters and 2 skull-and-crossbones counters s the Bad Guys.  Sadly the only copy we have seems to be too dark to add here.

Eventually  Pegasaurus Games employees appeared in the strip, based on real Pega-staff.  We even did one printing of Pegasaurus Games t-shirts.


Pegasaurus name and image, and the names of Carson and Hanley, are of course only used with the permission of John Kovalic and Shetland Productions.


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