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We routinely offer Good Grade Discounts and Birthday Discounts! Details below!


Once per grading period (semester or quarter), and WITH PROOF (report card), we offer the following to each student in grades 1-12.

10% OFF an entire purchase for a GPA between 3.0 and 4.0.
20% OFF an entire purchase for a GPA of 4.0 (or higher, if possible with weighted grading).
10% OFF for an INCREASE of .5 (or more) to a GPA lower than 3.0.
This is an incentive and a reward for the kids on their own purchases, and not for any reward someone might be getting for them.


On the day of and the day after YOUR birthday, YOU get a 20% discount on one entire purchase (excluding consignment items that are not ours to mark down). NOT to be used by others on gifts for the Birthday Person. Happy birthday!

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